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      Partner Search

      Do you need a partner with certain competences for a project? Here you can find it!

      EU Cluster Initiatives

      Your information hub on cluster related projects!


      Each cluster organisation has at least one success story. Here, you can find the best of!

      Cluster Networks

      National cluster associations, independent cluster networks - discover how they impact the cluster landscape!

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      Anne-Céline Renaud,?international partnership manager at Vitagora,?presents the New Frontiers in Food project?during the EU-Canada Cluster Matchmaking Event in June 2019.



      EU Neighbourhood initiatives

      South Mediterranean
      Eastern Partnership Countries
      Western Balkans

      ECCP Open Community

      The European Cluster Collaboration Platform is an OPEN COMMUNITY!

      If you have any information/news/events/reports with international character that may be relevant for the cluster community, please share it with us at [email protected].

      Cluster Organisations can upload directly such information on their cluster profile!